Hai friend s now a days we are using internet every where . its useful for us so many  ways . Like online shopping ,online bills ,Etc

The Internet give  a worldwide  opportunities. With a little commitment and hard work, you can earn good  income in home with internet.

we are using social media like face book tweeter Etc,This are social media sites help for us to MAKE MONEY ONLINE

some of good methods to earn money in online

1  Create YouTube Channel.

start youtube channel its very easy and no investment to do this work.and make money online

youtube gets almost one billion videos views

First if you can choose good theme or subject what ever you  know

Ex .Technical ,cooking ,tourism,.Etc

you know good cooking  ideas can you record it camera and including voice how to make cooking  next upload video in youtube

also documentary’s create pictures and add background audio voice Ex . NASA space center  first if you collect first space sheep photos and give back round voice when its first time lunched .

Next you monetize your videos .if you get more views more subscribers then monetize will enable .then you an earn money regularly.

But you can create good quality videos and not copied videos.


2  Create Blogging .

Blogging is very easy to earn money .if you have good writing skills and

Ability to express knowledge in writing .

its same as youtube things, youtube attractive to people for   video and audio messages ,but blogger is writing article which ever subject

like health and fitness,sports,traveling,tutorials,engineering  subjects,ETC

Ex . if you know what is  Diabetes ,Diabetes  disadvantages .Now you can write article about that ,Then you publish blogger.

If you buy good domain its name  related to your subject  its can use for more visitors came to your site .

Then some of product banners and ads placing on your web page .when then any parson buy it you get good commission

Another way google ad sense also help for you earn money .Google ad sense giving some ads in your web page.


3  Affiliate Marketing  .

Now a days many more companies sell their products by online using commission method .

who can promote their products they give some % of commission for Affiliate.

Its more companies have thousands of products have .first we observe which product is better to sell .

how to promote product to public .if you know social media is very good platform to promote products

The companies give affiliate link for us then we can promote link in Face book Twitter Etc

4 Some of good online earning methods.


A)  Micro workers

B) Captcha Workers ( Typing work)

C)Survey jobs






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